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Code of Conduct Updates, 16 September 2021
Carmen Andoh, Russ Cox, and Steve Francia

A small update to, and an update on enforcement of, the Go Code of Conduct

Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls, 15 September 2021
Filippo Valsorda

Go 1.17 is making TLS configuration easier and safer by automating TLS cipher suite preference ordering.

Tidying up the Go web experience, 18 August 2021
Russ Cox

Consolidating our web sites onto

Go 1.17 is released, 16 August 2021
Matt Pearring and Alex Rakoczy

Go 1.17 adds performance improvements, module optimizations, arm64 on Windows, and more.

The Go Collective on Stack Overflow, 23 June 2021
Steve Francia

Announcing the Go Collective, a new experience for Go on Stack Overflow.

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