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Secure Randomness in Go 1.22, 2 May 2024
Russ Cox and Filippo Valsorda

ChaCha8Rand is a new cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator used in Go 1.22.

Evolving the Go Standard Library with math/rand/v2, 1 May 2024
Russ Cox

Go 1.22 adds math/rand/v2 and charts a course for the evolution of the Go standard library.

Go Developer Survey 2024 H1 Results, 9 April 2024
Alice Merrick and Todd Kulesza

What we learned from our 2024 H1 developer survey

More powerful Go execution traces, 14 March 2024
Michael Knyszek

New features and improvements to execution traces from the last year.

Robust generic functions on slices, 22 February 2024
Valentin Deleplace

Avoiding memory leaks in the slices package.

Routing Enhancements for Go 1.22, 13 February 2024
Jonathan Amsterdam, on behalf of the Go team

Go 1.22's additions to patterns for HTTP routes.

Go 1.22 is released!, 6 February 2024
Eli Bendersky, on behalf of the Go team

Go 1.22 enhances for loops, brings new standard library functionality and improves performance.

Share your feedback about developing with Go, 23 January 2024
Alice Merrick, for the Go team

Help shape the future of Go by sharing your thoughts via the Go Developer Survey

Finding unreachable functions with deadcode, 12 December 2023
Alan Donovan

deadcode is a new command to help identify functions that cannot be called.

Go Developer Survey 2023 H2 Results, 5 December 2023
Todd Kulesza

What we learned from our 2023 H2 developer survey

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