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Go Developer Survey 2023 Q1 Results, 11 May 2023
Alice Merrick

An analysis of the results from the 2023 Q1 Go Developer Survey.

Code coverage for Go integration tests, 8 March 2023
Than McIntosh

Code coverage for integration tests, available in Go 1.20.

All your comparable types, 17 February 2023
Robert Griesemer

type parameters, type sets, comparable types, constraint satisfaction

Profile-guided optimization preview, 8 February 2023
Michael Pratt

Introduction to profile-guided optimization, available as a preview in Go 1.20.

Go 1.20 is released!, 1 February 2023
Robert Griesemer, on behalf of the Go team

Go 1.20 brings PGO, faster builds, and various tool, language, and library improvements.

Share your feedback about developing with Go, 18 January 2023
Alice Merrick, for the Go team

Help shape the future of Go by sharing your thoughts via the Go Developer Survey

Thirteen Years of Go, 10 November 2022
Russ Cox, for the Go team

Happy Birthday, Go!

Go runtime: 4 years later, 26 September 2022
Michael Knyszek

A check-in on the status of Go runtime development

Go Developer Survey 2022 Q2 Results, 8 September 2022
Todd Kulesza

An analysis of the results from the 2022 Q2 Go Developer Survey.

Vulnerability Management for Go, 6 September 2022
Julie Qiu, for the Go security team

Announcing vulnerability management for Go, to help developers learn about known vulnerabilities in their dependencies.

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