The Go Project

Go is an open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community. Go is distributed under a BSD-style license.

Version history

Release History

A summary of the changes between Go releases.

Go 1 and the Future of Go Programs

What Go 1 defines and the backwards-compatibility guarantees one can expect as Go 1 matures.

Developer Resources

Source Code

Check out the Go source code.

Discussion Mailing List

A mailing list for general discussion of Go programming.

Questions about using Go or announcements relevant to other Go users should be sent to golang-nuts.

Developer Mailing List

The golang-dev mailing list is for discussing code changes to the Go project.

Code Review Mailing List

The golang-codereviews mailing list is for actual reviewing of the code changes (CLs).

Checkins Mailing List

A mailing list that receives a message summarizing each checkin to the Go repository.

Build Status

View the status of Go builds across the supported operating systems and architectures.


Answers to common questions about Go.

How you can help

Reporting issues

If you spot bugs, mistakes, or inconsistencies in the Go project's code or documentation, please let us know by filing a ticket on our issue tracker. (Of course, you should check it's not an existing issue before creating a new one.)

We pride ourselves on being meticulous; no issue is too small.

Security-related issues should be reported to
See the security policy for more details.

Community-related issues should be reported to See the Code of Conduct for more details.

Contributing code & documentation

Go is an open source project and we welcome contributions from the community.

To get started, read these contribution guidelines for information on design, testing, and our code review process.

Check the tracker for open issues that interest you. Those labeled help wanted are particularly in need of outside help.