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Go videos from Google I/O 2012

Andrew Gerrand
2 July 2012


Phew! Google I/O is over for another year, and what an event it was. Thanks to our guest speakers and everyone who attended the four Go sessions. It was a lot of fun.

Here are the session videos:

Go concurrency patterns by Rob Pike

Concurrency is the key to designing high performance network services. Go’s concurrency primitives (goroutines and channels) provide a simple and efficient means of expressing concurrent execution. In this talk we see how tricky concurrency problems can be solved gracefully with simple Go code.

Go in production

Since Go’s release in 2009 many companies (besides Google, of course) have used the language to build cool stuff. In this session Gustavo Niemeyer (Canonical), Keith Rarick (Heroku), Evan Shaw (, and Patrick Crosby (StatHat) share their first-hand experience using Go in production environments.

Meet the Go team

A panel discussion with David Symonds, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, Andrew Gerrand, and Brad Fitzpatrick.

Computing Map Tiles with Go on App Engine by Chris Broadfoot and Andrew Gerrand

In this talk we use the Maps API and Go on App Engine to build an app to build custom tile sets for Google Maps. The app demonstrates using Go’s suitability for computation in the cloud and App Engine’s key scalability features, such as Task Queues and Backends.

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