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New Talk and Tutorials

Andrew Gerrand
5 May 2010

Rob Pike recently gave a talk at Stanford’s Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380). Titled Another Go at Language Design, the presentation gives an overview of the itches Go was built to scratch, and how Go addresses those problems. You can view a video stream of the talk, and download the slides.

Last week’s release included a code lab, Writing Web Applications, that details the construction of a simple wiki program. It is a practical introduction to some fundamental Go concepts, and the first of a series of Go code labs.

Lastly, we are often asked “How do Go packages work?” It’s easier to show than to explain, so I put together a Go Packages screen cast that demonstrates the process of writing, building, installing, and redistributing Go packages. I hope to post more of these covering a variety of Go programming topics to the gocoding YouTube channel in the near future.

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