Go Wiki: LUCI

LUCI is the CI infrastructure for the Go project. The primary post-submit dashboard can be found at https://ci.chromium.org/p/golang.


Voting Commit-Queue+1 asks CQ to run the CL on the TryBots.

When the TryBots finish, CQ will reply with results,
voting either LUCI-TryBot-Result+1 (pass) or LUCI-TryBot-Result-1 (fail).
Important results (e.g. failures) will also appear as chips at the top
of the Gerrit page for the CL, under the commit message.

Where to click to open test results.

When you open failed test results for the first time, you will land on the “Overview” tab. You probably want to change your local config to default to the “Test Results” tab:

Where to click to change default page on LUCI.

Back in Gerrit, more details about what was run are available at the “Checks” tab on the Gerrit CL page.

A red arrow pointing to the location of the checks tab on theGerrit page for an example CL.

Every TryBot run includes a default set of the most common builders. SlowBots provide additional testing controls.


“infra failed” / purple failure

Builders that fail with “infra failed” have a purple chip rather than green (passed) or red (tests failed). These failures indicate some kind of failure in the CI infrastructure itself. They are unlikely to be due to something in your CL.

If you encounter such errors, you can reach out to golang-dev for help investigating them. You may also try rerunning the build, which may succeed on a subsequent run depending on the cause of the infra failure.

build details

The “Steps & Logs” section on a LUCI build page enumerates steps that were executed. Each step can be expanded to get to its logs, environment variables, and command line arguments. The “get go” step includes the output of go env from the Go toolchain used in the build.

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