Go Wiki: LearnServerProgramming

This page links to resources for learning about server programming in Go - both web services and mobile backends. The items are organized into sections by topic.

Getting Started


A topic you will see discussed frequently is “middleware”. If you’re not familiar with that term, we suggest you start out by reading a few of these articles:

Toolkits and Frameworks

Before you decide to adopt a third party web framework or toolkit, keep in mind that the Go standard library provides all of the tools you need to build a sophisticated, modern web application. Keeping with Go’s preference for simplicity and composability over complexity and magic, we suggest you see how far the standard library can take you.

If you decide you need a bit more infrastructure, start by looking at some of the toolkits and libraries available.

Toolkits & Libraries & Microframeworks




Profiling and Performance

Tracing, Monitoring, Logging, and Configuration



Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Openstack / Rackspace

IBM BlueMix

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