Go Wiki: Go on NetBSD

Go on NetBSD is fairly stable on the architectures below. However, some bugs remain; see the issue tracker for details.

Kernel version Architectures Initial support version Final support version
8.0 or above amd64, arm, 386
7.0 through 7.1 amd64, arm, 386 Go 1.3 *
6.0 through 6.1 amd64, arm, 386 Go 1.3 * Go 1.9.7
5.0 through 5.2 (EOL) amd64, 386 Go 1 Go 1.2.2

* Go 1.5 or above is recommended.

Support for the arm64 architecture is a work in progress, see https://go.dev/issue/30824.

Go packages in pkgsrc

pkgsrc, the NetBSD package collection, contains up-to-date packages for released Go versions. The packages contain the version in the name (e.g. lang/go113) so that multiple versions can be installed in parallel. lang/go is a meta-package that always depends on the default go version.

Note that the go binary name is also installed with a version suffix. Install the pkgtools/pkg_alternatives package to get a go command symlink in your PATH.

There are a number of packages for software written in Go in pkgsrc. At the moment, module-based builds are experimental, and packages are built using a GOPATH layout.

Preparing NetBSD for Go

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