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Heap dump format for other versions:


Go 1.5 has a runtime/debug.WriteHeapDump function that writes all objects in the heap plus additional info (roots, goroutines, finalizers, etc.) to a file. The format of this file is specified here.


The file starts with the bytes of the string “go1.5 heap dump\n”. This description also applies to files starting with “go1.6 heap dump\n” and “go1.7 heap dump\n”. The go1.6 format is identical to 1.5, and the go1.7 format has one small change described below.

The rest of the file is a sequence of records. Records can be of several different kinds. Records will contain the following primitives:

Each record starts with a uvarint-encoded integer describing the type of the record:

The remaining fields of each record are type-dependent and are described below.


An EOF record has no fields and must appear last.


The size of the contents string is the size of the containing sizeclass, not the size of the object itself. As such, contents size may be somewhat bigger than the contained object’s type.



goroutine (G)

Possible statuses:

The wait fields must be present in all cases, but they only mean something if the status is “waiting”.

stack frame

dump params


This finalizer has been registered with the runtime system, but the object to which it refers was either reachable as of the most recent GC or allocated since the most recent GC.


osthread (M)


Records the following fields of runtime.MemStats:


This finalizer is ready to run - the object to which it refers is unreachable. The runtime system just hasn’t gotten around to running it yet.



Same format as data, but for the bss segment.



alloc/free profile record

alloc sample record

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