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Two Go Talks: "Lexical Scanning in Go" and "Cuddle: an App Engine Demo"

Andrew Gerrand
1 September 2011

On Tuesday night Rob Pike and Andrew Gerrand each presented at the Sydney Google Technology User Group.

Rob’s talk, “Lexical Scanning in Go”, discusses the design of a particularly interesting and idiomatic piece of Go code, the lexer component of the new template package.

The slides are available here. The new template package is available as exp/template in Go release r59. In a future release it will replace the old template package.

Andrew’s talk, “Cuddle: an App Engine Demo”, describes the construction of a simple real-time chat application that uses App Engine’s Datastore, Channel, and Memcache APIs. It also includes a question and answer session that covers Go for App Engine and Go more generally.

The slides are available here. The code is available at the cuddle Google Code project.

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