Go for Web Development

Go delivers speed, security, and developer-friendly tools for Web Applications

Go is designed to enable developers to rapidly develop scalable and secure web applications. Go ships with an easy to use, secure and performant web server and includes it own web templating library. Go has excellent support for all of the latest technologies from HTTP/2, to databases like MySQL, MongoDB and ElasticSearch, to the latest encryption standards including TLS 1.3. Go web applications run natively on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Run (for easy scaling) or on any environment, cloud, or operating system thanks to Go’s extreme portability.

Go gopher For enterprises, Go is preferred for providing rapid cross-platform deployment. With its goroutines, native compilation, and the URI-based package namespacing, Go code compiles to a single, small binary—with zero dependencies—making it very fast.

“If you are looking for powerful tools for web programming, mobile development, microservices, and ERP systems,” writes Andrew Smith, marketing manager at QArea. “Go web development has proved to be faster than using Python for the same kind of tasks in many use cases.”

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Go Language is the easiest language that I’ve ever seen and used… For me, Go is easier to learn than even JavaScript.

Bayburtsyan summarizes the five key reasons his company switched to Go:

  1. Compiles into a single binary — “Using static linking, Go actually combining all dependency libraries and modules into one single binary file based on OS type and architecture.”

  2. Static type system — “Type system is really important for large scale applications.”

  3. Performance — “Go performed better because of its concurrency model and CPU scalability. Whenever we need to process some internal request, we are doing it with separate Goroutines which are 10x cheaper in resources than Python Threads.”

  4. No need for a web framework — “In most of the cases you really don’t need any third-party library.”

  5. Great IDE support and debugging — “After rewriting all projects to Go, we got 64 percent less code than we had earlier.”

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